Need a Website?
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The Internet has changed the way product and services are demanded and also delivered, hence there it has become very necessary for companies and businesses to have internet presence. The importance of having a website cannot be over emphasized.

I Need a New Website

Let us guess, you have decided to build a website for your company or yourself because you have a great idea regarding a product or service or you want to show case your products and services? Wise choice we must say but how can you go about making the website work for you?

You have taken the most crucial step by making the decision and we at Cilus Media Technology will help you turn your idea/s into reality.

What Next?

We require that you provide us full information about your proposed website to help us get a feel of your industry. We require you take a few minutes to determine at least 5 key phrases that are unique to your industry which you would use to locate your website through the major search engines like google, yahoo e.t.c.

Other added Services

Graphic Design

We can completely handle your Graphic designs, to pass your messages across 

Promotional Videos

We can also make promotional videos for your products and services

Brand Strategy

Your Website will be Branded to potray your company’s colours and theme.