e-Learning platforms is available to the Nigeria public and schools to free at no cost, it was developed by Cilus Media Technology.

It is predicted that by 2020, over 50% of all classes will be virtually conducted. While many educational institutions understand the significance of this trend and are staying up-to-date with the times, there are still many that have not given their students the opportunity to experience the ease of attending an online class.

As more students are pursuing academic degrees, educational institutions are beginning to realize the importance of adapting to the diverse requirements of the massive, expanding student population. Some are realizing that in order to educate a wider population, limitations must be removed.

In a bid to bridge the gap in learning that may exist as a result of the “lock down” and “social distancing” policies that is been implemented by government of nations globally, we at Cilus Media Technology have developed a platform that can help you learn faster online from the comfort of your homes or offices.

Whether you are a resource personnel looking for a platform to facilate your courses or you are a school owner looking for someone to build an online school for your school, we got you covered.

We can help you achieve whatever goals you have when it comes to e-learning.

Join the hundreds of students already using our e-learning platform at Cilus Online Academy.



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